Self-Publishing Seminar hosted by Eschler Editing

The seminar will cover the following topics.

Publishing Goals Overview: This segment will cover the different types of self-publishing so you can decide which is right for each individual book, how your long-term goals should affect your approach to publishing, and how to determine your priorities (based on audience and genre) for where to spend your money or time.

Editing for Success: This portion of the seminar will help you understand the different types of editing a book should go through before it’s sent to the press and how authors can determine which levels of editing their book needs depending on their publishing goals.  

The Steps to Publishing and Why Order Matters: Learn how professional career authors approach their self-publishing process in order to produce a book that can rival what traditional publishers put out. You’ll walk away understanding how early decisions affect the entire design and marketing process and how publishing a book (if your goal is sales) is similar to starting a small business.

Typesetting and eBooks: Tips and tools for typesetting print and formatting eBooks—and why you can’t always use the same ones for both.  

Marketing–What You Really Need to Know: This segment will give you the tools to successfully brand your book, series, or your writing career; understand marketable cover design through learning the 6 principles to an award-winning book cover, plus what cover copy is really supposed to do; plan how to launch a book; get up-to-date on the most important online and media marketing today; and manage all of the above with smart financial and time investments based on your unique circumstances and priorities.