Community Engagement Events

Free and Open to the Public

Thursday Events with Elaine Vickers

Join us Thursday evening as Elaine Vickers kicks off the conference with an inspirational devotional. Local students from Kane County and Fredonia who have submitted to our essay contest will also share their submissions with public readings. Social activities for writers and those interested in writing, as well as dedicated writing spaces for those who are looking for some quiet time.

Elaine will be doing several school visits during her time in Kanab and the surrounding areas. The bookstore will be open follow Elaine’s event and you can get her books signed there.

Friday Events with Carol Ormond

Join us for a special evening with Carol Ormond as we discuss her photojournal book about the John Wesley Powell expeditions and how the Paiute Tribes contributed to them. We’ll have members of the People with us that evening and time for open discussion. 

Bookstore and Signing

Following Carol’s discussion, the bookstore will be open and authors will be available for signing their books. We invite all to browse the bookstore and find a new author, buy some stocking stuffers, or fill out your library.

Bookstore and Book Signings

The bookstore is a valuable resource to the conference and the community. We will be open throughout the conference and the community is welcome to come in and browse any time the conference is open. Book signings will be held on the evenings during Thursday and Friday’s events, but authors will also be available to sign books most of the time when not in classes.